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  1. The deltopectoral groove is an indentation in the muscular structure between the deltoid muscle and pectoralis major.. It is the location through which the cephalic vein passes and where the coracoid process is most easily palpable.. Superficial muscles of the chest and front of the arm
  2. Related to deltopectoral groove: thoracoacromial artery, Clavipectoral triangle, Deltopectoral triangle, Pectoral fascia, infraclavicular fossa deltopectoral groove A depression (palpable through the skin) at the boundary of the deltoid, pectoralis major, and biceps brachii muscles
  3. deltoid ridge. deltoid tubercle. deltoid tubercle (of spine of scapula) deltoid tuberosity. deltoid tuberosity (of humerus) deltopectoral flap. deltopectoral groove. deltopectoral lymph nodes. deltopectoral triangle
  4. deltopectoral groove. a groove between pectoralis major and deltoid· cephalic nerve Is present in this groove

Beside this, what is the Deltopectoral Triangle What is another name for it? The clavipectoral triangle (also known as the deltopectoral triangle) is an anatomical region found in humans and other animals. What is the pectoral region of the body? The pectoral region is located on the anterior chest wall. It contains four muscles that exert a force on the upper limb; the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, serratus anterior and subclavius Near the shoulder, the cephalic vein passes between the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles (deltopectoral groove) and through the clavipectoral triangle, where it empties into the axillary vei The deltopectoral groove is identified by a 'yellow stripe' which can be seen on www.rcsed.ac.uk/journal/vol44_4/4440034.htm - Cached • We have assessed the efficacy of free nerve grafts by N Ochiai - 1996 - Cited by 17 - Related articles muscle, the clavicle and the deltopectoral groove to the upper arm

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Further distally, the lateral cord, the lateral contribution to the median nerve, and the origin of the musculocutaneous nerve lie deep to the pectoralis major muscle. The cord and its branches are approached surgically via an infraclavicular approach, the skin incision lying within the deltopectoral groove (Kim, Hudson, & Kline, 2013b). The cephalic vein serves as a landmark delineating the border between the pectoralis major and the deltoid muscles Lateral wall - formed by intertubercular groove of the humerus. Medial wall - consists of the serratus anterior and the thoracic wall (ribs and intercostal muscles). Anterior wall - contains the pectoralis major and the underlying pectoralis minor and the subclavius muscles Infraclavicular (deltopectoral) group: These nodes are not strictly axillary nodes because they are located outside the axilla. They lie in the groove between the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles and receive superficial lymph vessels from the lateral side of the hand, forearm, and arm Answers: 114. Spain. Local time: 12:14. deltopectoral groove. Explanation: Sillon as a medical term is groove or sulcus. The deltopectoral groove is the groove between the deltoid (shoulder) and pectoral (chest) muscles. --------------------------------------------------. Note added at 2003-10-07 06:49:37 (GMT

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It is named the anatomical snuffbox because it was a common location to place powdered tobacco (snuff) before sniffing it! An individual with a pronounced anatomical snuffbox After crossing the anatomical snuffbox, the cephalic vein extends along the radial border of the forearm in front of the elbow The depression found at the junction of these two muscles is called the deltopectoral groove. Importantly, within this groove the cephalic vein can consistently be found. The muscles diverge at their origins on the clavicle, creating an opening bordered by these two muscles and the clavicle known as the deltopectoral triangle. Through this.

The clavipectoral triangle (also known as the deltopectoral triangle) is an anatomical region found in humans and other animals. It is bordered by the following structures: Contents. Clinical significance; See also; References; External links; Clavicle [1] (medially The deltopectoral or anterior shoulder approach is commonly used for various shoulder procedures. During this approach, the surgeon must decide to retract the cephalic vein medially or laterally. Some debate exists regarding management of the cephalic vein in the deltopectoral groove

Exact Synonyms: crista ventralis ; deltoid eminence ; deltoid impression ; deltoid tuberosity ; deltoid tuberosity of humerus ; tuberositas deltoidea ; tuberositas deltoidea (corpus humeri) ; tuberositas deltoidea humeri. Related Synonyms: crista ventralis humeri ; deltoid crest ; deltoid process ; pectoral process. Xrefs The musculocutaneous nerve is located as described in the double fascicular transfer section. The incision is extended proximally in a zigzag pattern across the anterior axillary fold and along the deltopectoral groove. The pectoralis muscle is identified and its tendon is dissected to its insertion on the humerus The brachial veins are deep veins which share the same name of the arteries they accompany. Other examples include the radial and ulnar in the upper limb, and the femoral and popliteal veins in the lower limb. (this vein runs in the deltopectoral groove). At the lateral margin of the first rib axillary vein continues as the subclavian vein


Deltopectoral groove. Greek language) is an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages, native to Greece and other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. New!!: Homo sapiens is the systematic name used in taxonomy (also known as binomial nomenclature) for the only extant human species.. The venous branches accompany the arterial branches, except the cephalic vein , which runs in the deltopectoral groove. 26.4 Function The motion of the shoulder is a complex of actions in many directions such as flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, internal rotation/external rotation For reasons cited earlier, the left SV should be chosen for pulmonary artery catheterization; otherwise, the success rate appears to be equivalent regardless of the side chosen. Skin puncture is 2 to 3 cm caudal to the clavicle at the deltopectoral groove, corresponding to the area where the clavicle turns from the shoulder to the manubrium The deltopectoral groove approach is a simple and straightforward incision with a gentle learning curve and can be used for all patients with isolated PMS. Conflict of interest: none declared. Presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Milan, Italy, 18-20 October 2018

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The portion of the cephalic vein that becomes perpendicular in the region of the deltopectoral groove before its confluence with the axillary or subclavian vein,the cephalic arch, is prone to the development of hemodynamically significant stenosis which is usually treated with balloon angioplasty. Other Name: Cardionovum Legflow drug. Deltopectoral nodes, are located in the deltopectoral groove along the cephalic vein just before it pierces the deep fascia. It's thought to be displaced infraclavicular node. It drains the lymph from the breast and adjoining small structures Synonyms for Deltopectoral groove in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Deltopectoral groove. 26 synonyms for groove: indentation, cut, hollow, score, channel, trench. deltopectoral groove: A depression (palpable through the skin) at the boundary of the deltoid, pectoralis major, and biceps brachii muscles. The cephalic vein, running superficially up the arm, dives beneath the muscles through this groove to empty into the axillary vein. See also: groove

deltopectoral triangle: [TA] area of anterior thoracic region bounded superiorly by the clavicle, inferomedially by the pectoral major (muscle) and superolaterally by the deltoid (muscle); the cephalic vein typically passes from superficial to deep here, and the pectoral branch of the thoracoacromial (arterial) trunk emerges here. Synonym(s):. This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article Deltopectoral_groove (); it is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the CC-BY-SA

cephalic vein in the delto-pectoral groove Muscles of the pectoral region pectoralis major. origine -sternum ,calvicle ,costal cartilages; the fibres from clavicle and costal cartilage are perpendicular to each other; insertion - lateral lip of intertubercular groove4. function-flexion ,adduction, internal or medial rotatio The deltopectoral triangle is a triangular depression formed between the clavicle above, lateral border of the pectoralis major medially and the medial border of the deltoid laterally. This narrow triangular area contains investing layers of the clavipectoral fascia and the cephalic vein on its roof which it pierces 00:52 Sep 20, 2010. English to Polish translations [PRO] Medical - Medical (general) / Anatomy. English term or phrase: deltoid-pectoral groove. W zdaniu: An incision extending over the deltoid-pectoral groove typically provides access to the subclavian vein (...) Tomasz Poplawski Anatomical Landmark In Real Man. In this image, you will find the anterior axillary fold, deltoid, deltopectoral groove, clavipectoral triangle, deltopectoral triangle, clavicle, in the Anatomical landmark in a real man. You may also find suprasternal notch, jugular notch, clavicle, posterior axillary fold, axillary fossa, serratus anterior in it

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A ball and socket synovial joint between the head of the humerus and glenoid fossa of the scapula. What is the major joint connecting the upper limb to the trunk of the body. Glenohumeral joint. What non-muscular structures could be damaged by a bullet hitting the right shoulder. 1.Glenoid labrum. 2. Fibrous capsule On the contrary it remains at the the distal fragment is backwards, upwards, backward angulation with a slight internal rotation. find a bulge at the deltopectoral groove caused by the head of the humerus which is easily (b) An abnormal slight anterior projection at the radial styloid process is about 1 deformity), resulting from injury to the. Aenigmaspina from Latin aenigma and spina meaning enigmatic spine is an extinct genus of enigmatic pseudosuchian crurotarsan archosaur from the Lat deltopectoral triangle : a triangle in the upper chest region that is bounded medially by the clavicle, superiorly by the deltoid m., and inferiorly by the pectoralis major m. the deltopectoral triangle is pierced by the cephalic vein on its course from the upper limb to join the axillary vein in the axilla: nipple (N182, TG2-10 The deltopectoral incision is made in the deltopectoral groove (the indentation between the clavicular head of the pectoralis major medially and the deltoid laterally), starting about 1 cm below the clavicle. It provides the easiest access to the cephalic vein but may limit the access to the subclavian vein

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Deltopectoral groove — Deltoid muscle Pectoralis major Wikipedia. Sulcus — From the Latin for a groove, furrow, or trench. In medicine, there are many sulci (plural of sulcus) as, for example, the superior pulmonary sulcus. * * * 1 Include the skin and superficial fat. Extend your incision to the xiphoid process. Now you will remove just the skin over the deltopectoral groove. Leave the superficial fat on the body, as you begin along the lateral aspect of the arm. Remove the skin just past the deltopectoral groove. Tease the fat apart to locate a vein traveling in the groove Three landmarks were designated: (1) the radial styloid process, (2) the mid-portion of the cubital fossa, and (3) the lower border of the deltopectoral groove. A straight line connecting the points was drawn, and the distance between the connected lines and the marked lymphatic vessels was measured at 8 points (Fig. 3). If 2 or more lymph.

The cephalic vein starts at the radial extremity of the arch and ascends through the superficial fascia along the lateral aspect of the arm to join the deltopectoral groove. It crosses the axillary vein near the tip of the coracoid after piercing the deep fascia above the superior margin of the pectoralis minor Assists in suspension and controls ER. Deltopec groove. 2 straps sewn together 1 dacron and 1 elastic Jxn is 25mm inf to clavicle. Distal section of humerous and not interfering with turntable and medial to elbow lock cable. This position helps keep ASS in deltopec groove and helps prevent ER Name the four unlabeled parts, and the part that has been scratched out. runs upwards within superficial fascia, and pierces the deep fascia. Drains into axillary vein in the deltopectoral groove. What are the four unlabeled structures on the anterior side of the distal humerus? There are 4 other muscles: * Supinator * Anconeus. Cephalic vein cut-down approach is a common technique used to permanently place artificial pacemakers in the subcutaneous vein in the deltopectoral groove. A brachiocephalic fistula formed by connecting the brachial artery to the subcutaneous vein above the elbow during hemodialysis ensures a greater flow of blood Grove is a modular, standardized connector prototyping system. Grove takes a building block approach to assembling electronics. Compared to the jumper or solder based system, it is easier to connect, experiment and build and simplifies the learning system, but not to the point where it becomes dumbed down. Some of the other prototype systems.

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point just lateral to the axillary fold, commonly named the deltopectoral groove (Fig. 2.10). This incision is deepened to the deltopectoral interval where the cephalic vein is identified and retracted laterally with the deltoid and protected in the flap. The interval between the deltoid and pectorali The fascia over the deltopectoral interval is incised and two Gelpie retractors are used to retract the skin. The areolar tissue running obliquely between the muscle planes identifies the deltopectoral groove. In most shoulders, the cephalic vein is found within this groove (Figure 6). An army-navy retractor is placed initially in the delto drains dorsum → lateral forearm → antecubital fossa → lateral aspect of biceps → deltopectoral groove → pierces clavipectoral fascia → axillary vein. basilic vein. drains palm → medial arm → penetrates fascia in lower aspect of upper arm → brachial vein. upper limb DVT causes. commonest subclavian, axillary. catheter It is palpable in the deltopectoral groove between the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles. (The other two muscles are pectoralis minor and biceps brachii.) It is situated at the upper and medial part of the arm. 6- In human anatomy, the biceps brachii, or simply biceps in common parlance, is, as the name implies,. Chapter 92 Autogenous Grafts Scott A. Berceli Despite ongoing attempts to develop prosthetic or bioengineered materials for bypass grafting in the lower extremities, autologous vein graft remains the conduit of choice for infrainguinal revascularization. Though it was sporadically used for repair of popliteal aneurysms in the early 20th century, the first report of the routin

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Dissection was then taken into the deltopectoral groove, where the cephalic vein was identified. Other articles 6-8 have commented on the thoracoacromial axis as a recipient vascular supply for reconstruction of other areas, It classically divides into 4 named branches: the pectoral, deltoid, clavicular, and acromial arteries.. • POSITION Patient supine, arm along body, the head slightly rotated to opposite side. Physician on side to be blocked. • ANATOMICAL LANDMARKS -Clavicle and Coracoid process are drawn on the skin. • PUNCTURE POINT Site is drawn 2cm caudad and 1cm medial to coracoid process. Thus, site is in the deltopectoral groove

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The cut-down of cephalic vein in the deltopectoral groove is preferred when superior vena caval infusion is necessary. It can also be used for cardiac catheterization. It is a reliable site for cannulation when it is difficult to get access to other veins [3] Briefly, the deltopectoral groove was palpated and its location and direction were noted. Also, the coracoid process (CP) and infraclavicular space were carefully identified. As shown in and , an assumed line was made from CP to the medial perpendicular to the deltopectoral groove. The puncture site was set at about 1-2 cm away from CP on the. The skeleton of the thoracic wall is composed of the 12 pairs of ribs, the thoracic vertebra (and intervertebral disks), and the sternum. Articulating with the thorax are the bones of the pectoral girdle, the clavicle and the scapula (Fig. 4.2).Nerves and blood vessels entering the upper extremity pass between the clavicle and first rib The lower part of the incision begins at the middle third of the clavicle and progresses along the deltopectoral groove and connects to the upper part of the incision at the angle of the scapula. The clavicular portion of the pectoralis major is reflected to expose the clavicle, and the external jugular vein is retracted from the field OBJECTIVE To describe the local neurological complications associated with cardiac catheterisation via the right brachial artery. METHODS A follow up study to determine the mechanism of injury and outcome of patients who sustained a high median nerve palsy after this procedure. Five right handed patients were identified in a 24 month period

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In anteroproximal view, the proximal portion of the deltopectoral crest of IRSNB M2308 is strongly curved medially, yielding a deep and relatively narrow bicipital groove, i.e., that is as deep as it is wide. This condition differs from other Monachinae, having bicipital grooves that are usually wider than deep Twenty years have passed since six-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey was discovered dead and posed in her parents' upscale home on December 26, the day after Christmas, in Boulder, Colorado. At the time of her death, JonBenét had become a queen in the beauty pageant realm. She was crowned at five pageants, country-wide. At only four years

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The bicipital groove is U-shaped, deep, and narrow. In transverse section, the deltopectoral crest is thick, only slightly thinner than the diaphysis. The deltopectoral crest extends along the proximal half of the bone. In lateral view, the deltopectoral crest of N. vitulinoides is equally wide throughout, to slightly wider proximally stage of the conventional elephant trunk or other procedures Sun's procedure for complex aortic arch repair: total arch this technique was named after Dr. Sun by domestic and international colleagues in 2008 (7,8). oblique 5-8 cm incision in the right deltopectoral groove 1 cm below the clavicle, with separation of the pectorali This procedure can be performed by making a small vertical incision in the deltopectoral groove, dissecting the pectoralis major muscle to expose the pectoralis minor muscle and coracoid process, with subsequent separation of the pectoralis minor tendon from its adjacent short head of the biceps tendon and sectioning of the pectoralis minor tendon Aim . Head and Neck oncologic resections often leave complex defects which are challenging to reconstruct. The need of the hour is a versatile flap which has the advantages of both a regional flap (viz. reliable and easy to harvest) and a free flap (thin, pliable with good colour match). In this a study we assessed the usefulness of the supraclavicular artery flap in head and neck oncologic.

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The pectoralis major flap has been considered the workhorse flap for chest and sternoclavicular defect reconstruction. There have been many configurations of the pectoralis major flap reported in the literature for use in reconstruction sternoclavicular defects either involving bone, soft tissue elements, or both. This study reviews the different configurations of the pectoralis major flap for. The implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) is first-line treatment and prophylaxis for patients at risk for ventricular tachycardia (VT) or ventricular fibrillation (VF). Current devices offer tiered therapy with programmable antitachycardia pacing schemes, as well as low-energy and high-energy shocks in multiple tachycardia zones Deltopectoral groove. The deltopectoral groove is an indentation in the muscular structure between the deltoid muscle and pectoralis major. New!!: Cephalic vein and Deltopectoral groove · See more » Dorsal venous network of han

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Background: Pectoralis major tendon (PMT) rupture commonly occurs in males 20 to 39 years of age. PMT rupture is most often associated with gym-based exercise, with attempted bench press being the most common causative event, but it is also associated with contact or impact sports. Delayed presentation, misdiagnoses, and chronic PMT rupture can result in a therapeutic dilemma Although sauropodomorph dinosaurs have been known for a long time from the Late Triassic of central Europe, sauropodomorph diversity and faunal composition has remained controversial until today. Here we review sauropodomorph material from the Canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The material comes from three different but geographically close localities and represents at least three different taxa

This study presents a thick anastomosis between the cephalic vein and lateral radial vein which, to the best of our knowledge, has not been reported before in the literature. During routine cadaver dissection in the right upper extremity of a 54-year-old male cadaver; in the anterior cubital region, a very thick anastomotic branch was found by piercing the deep fascia, going upwards and. On the posterior aspect of the right shoulder is a poorly demarcated, very superficial focus of abrasion/contusion which is pale purple in color and measures up to three-quarters by one-half inch in maximum dimension. Several linear aggregates of petechial hemorrhages are present in the anterior left shoulder just above deltopectoral groove The external tricipital groove is smaller in area than the latter but more deeply excavated. An ovoid, shallow, brachial muscle impression is contained within a larger, shallower, brachial depression. Comparisons. Pseudasturids closely resemble Recent Galbulae in their humeral morphology but have a shorter deltopectoral crest (Mayr 2002b) The present report describes a rare case of aortic valve aneurysm without any vegetation with complete heart block. A 26-year-old man with severe acute aortic regurgitation was admitted to our admitted to our hospital. Transthoracic echocardiography showed right cusp aneurysm without any vegetations. Transoesophageal echocardiography confirmed these findings As it leaves the axilla it enters the arm and runs in the spiral groove of the humerus between medial and lateral heads of the triceps. Distally it passes through the lateral intermuscular septum entering the anterior compartment of the arm entering the forearm anterior to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus it splits into a deep and superficial branc